Virtuoso Life Reality  is an emerging force in interactive virtual world experiences offering stunning visual features expected by today’s users. Let your dreams unfold and journey into a new kind of creative thinking.  Virtuoso is not only for lifers, but casual enthusiasts who simply want something different and to share it with like minded people.  From surveying many of today’s virtual world users a common set of needs continues to be reverberated :-

  • Easier avatar customization (substantial body adjusters for 1000’s of unique avatars of all forms and shapes)
  • An all clothes fit all avatars policy (elimination of vendor appliers)
  • Significant reduction in network lag in higher traffic regions with lots of avatars
  • Better graphics and realism in the avatars and the environments
  • Less asset clutter and better managed inventory system
  • More integration with other social media applications
  • Private sandbox region which users can freely use without rental costs for creative pleasure
  • Larger regions and more resources available to build more comprehensive experiences
  • High fidelity audio and media components

Virtuoso runs on the well acclaimed Unity game engine, supporting the Windows platforms.

Game engine technology is moving ahead at a fast pace and with better shading/lighting/post processing effects available the experiences are becoming tremendously immersing. Virtuoso harnesses this technology to its fullest to improve every aspect of its visualization. Be your own god and create something unique and exciting.

The game utilizes the latest in authoritative networking technology, bringing superb performance for users who experience poorer internet connections. Its architecture has been carefully designed to ensure that many of the most lag intensive problems which cause slow user performance are eliminated.

Please support the ongoing development of Virtuoso and download beta releases as your input is vital for building a better virtual life future.


The future is bright …


JAN - General Primitive / Substance Materials
FEB - VCE Assets (Mesh, Audio, SpeedTree, Textures)
MAR - Virtuoso Runtime Builder
APR - Sky Editor / Camera / Radio / Vegetation Terrain, Rules, Masking
MAY- Virtuoso Runtime Builder Sandbox Integration / Runtime Gizmo / Ocean Editor
JUN - VCE Asset Plugin / Action-Event System
JUL - Demo Region & Inventory - Part 1 of 2
AUG - VCE Characters (Clothing & Attachments)
SEPT - VCE Characters (Clothing & Attachments)
OCT - Character Controller with VCE Characters
NOV - Character Appearance System
DEC - Inventory Part 2 of 2 / Chat