About the game


Unleash Your Imagination

The Virtuoso Philosophy

  • To build an emersive social media 3D MMO experience for users to collaborate and build wider communities.
  • The MMO intentionally is themeless for users to build their own fantasy and dreams.
  • To enable users to profit through their own creations and activities.


Virtuoso is made up of a grid of regions of three different types.

  • Economy - 1km squared land.  1 x VUPs
  • Standard - 1km squared land. 3 x VUPs
  • Super - 2 km squared land. 6 x VUPs

Each land will provide a maximum of 100 concurrent users.

The amount of items that can be put onto a region is determined by the amount of Virtuoso Usage Points (VUPs) allocated to the region type.


  • Each region may be seperatly parceled off into rentals owed to the region owner.
  • Each region is sub-divided into parcels which are rectangular non-overlapping areas.
  • Each parcel will be allocated a number of CCU from the maximum CCU allowance of the region.
  • Given the restriction of region CCU the maximum number of parcels allowed on a region will be 10.

Virtuoso Currency

  • The virtual currency of the game is officially called the "Oso".
  • All in game sales, transfers and purchases will be conducted in Oso's. 
  • Oso's will be purchasable in real currency from the Virtuoso Web Site Shop.

Virtuoso Usage Points (VUPs)

The amount of items used on on a region is measured in Virtuoso Usage Points (VUPs).  Each type of item will be assigned a number of VUPs based on how process intensive it is for the region to use.

Typical Item types 

  • Mesh Object
  • Textures
  • Particle Effects
  • Animations

Free Private Sandbox

  • Registered users will be given the ability to create regions for free using their built in private sandbox.  This is a region which resides locally on your computer pc.  Only the user can use it and will be fully connected to their online inventory and friends.
  • Private sandbox regions can be uploaded to the Virtuoso Grid at which point it will become part of the Virtuoso Search Directory for other users to teleport to.



During the beta release cycle of 2017 all in game asset store purchases will be free of charge.  Virtuoso is committed to honoring its beta test member community with free incentives as gratitude for helping test the game.

Real Currency Profits

  • Creators will be able to become vendors and sell their assets on external web sites.
  • Virtuoso will take a small comission on importable assets. 
  • Different asset type will have different commisions.
  • Ticket assets may be created in game and sold externally for users offering premium services of entertainment.

Virtuoso Ranking System

  • Virtuoso Ranking Names will be given to users based on their activities in game play.
  • The factors which determine how the ranking level is calculated will be subject to secrecy by the game.
  • The ranking sysem will be based on the well acclaimed wedding anniversary naming system.
  • Paper, Cotton, Leather, Linen, Wood, Iron, Copper, Bronze, Willow,Tin, Steel, Silk, Lace, Ivory, Crystal, China, Silver, Pearl, Coral, Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Platinum, Oak

Media Streaming

  • Audio streaming will be received through HTTP.
  • DJ HTTP Shoutcast servers compatible with audio streaming.
  • In game browser multi-media video is supported.  Non copyright Youtube playback is supported.
  • In game HTTP browsing supported.

Life & Adventure Mode

Virtuoso supports two seperate game play modes.

  • Life Mode - supports standard living (no gaming scenarios or combat).
  • Life Mode - supports dancing, interaction activities.
  • Adventure Mode - supports avatar abilities such as shooting, fighting, climbing, crawling, riding, swimming.
  • Adventure Mode supports basic game play scenario setups like Group Kill / Capture, Exploration Points, etc

In Game Creator Tools

To be your own virtuoso the ability to create stunning regions is paramount.  To support these activities a comprehensive suite of runtime in game tools will be available to achieve this.

  • Character Appearance Tool
  • Sky Editor Tool
  • Water Editor Tool
  • Effects Editor Tool
  • Object / Material Editor Tool
  • Landscaping / Terrain Editor Tool