Material Quality Study

A study is being done to determine the best material texture quality versus file size which will be used by Virtuoso Life.  This file size of the materials is very important to the success of the game since it will determine to a large extent the download (lag) times when teleporting between regions.  The following images show the newly adopted VCE Asset Viewer ( Look Dev Unity View ).  It elegance in showing different lighting conditions and intensities from an HDR image is ideal for content artists seeking validation of their asset before publishing to game.

The metal ball is shown with resolutions of 512 and 1024 DXT compressed.  Due to the texture being tileable the actual noticable different between the 512 and 1024 is small with only minor clarity improvement for the 1024 texture option.



Here we show four images of a single tiled corridor mesh object ranging from 512 to 2048 resolution using DXT compression.  A resolution of 2048 is required on this object due to fully show the small edge detail.  The 2048 DXT Crunch option has very little degradation on the 2048 DXT with significant file size reduction.



From the analysis done so far it seems that the best overal performance versus file size is determined by if the textures being applied are tiled or not tiled.

Tiled textures work well at 512 DXT resolution with only slight increase in clarity at 1024.  The 1024 DXT crunched option provides a decent comprosmise of quality versus file size and is the recommnded option.

Non tiled textures are dependent on higher texture resolutions to achieve acceptable clarity.  The recommended texture resolution is the 2048 with DXT Crunch compression as it has only a very slight degrade on the 2048 DXT with significant file reduction.

In summary

Tiled Objects  : 1024 DXT Crunched

Non Tiled Objects : 2048 DXT Crunched