Virtuoso Asset Pipeline – VCE Asset Exporter

Create, Protect & Export Artwork

Getting your 3D models, Textures, and Audio into Virtuoso Life is done through exporting packages using the VCE Asset Exporter available for download on the websites download page.  To accomplish this you will need to download a copy of  Unity 3D Free Personal Edition and then install the VCE Asset Exporter into the game engine. Installation instructions can be found  on the download page.

The intermediary exporter enables the user to harness the power of the content import filters built into the unity game engine which would far exceed what could be maintained by the game and also provide a means for users to sell assets directly from their own web sites.  This has the neat advantage of encouraging content creators to open their own business ventures maing real currency.

A key aspect of the VCE Asset Exporter is the ability of it to protect the original creators intellectual property rights such that the content can't be used elsewhere outside of the Virtuoso Life game.  To accomplish this, all assets are packaged with a blowfish encryption and password to secure the content such that it is not readable or copyable by other parties.


Asset Types

Asset Type Description File Prefix File Type
Mesh 3D Model, Standard Shader, Materials and Textures (albedo map, metallic map, normal map) mes .bin (asset3d)
Primitive Standard Shader, Material and Textures (albedo map, metallic map, normal map) pri .bin (asset3d)
Splat Terrain Material, and Textures (albedo map, normal map, height map) spl .bin (asset3d)
Material Specular and Metallic Textures Setups. mat .bin (asset3d)
AudioClip Audio sound data aud .bin (asset3d)
SpeedTree Speed tree data, Material, Textures spt .bin (asset3d)
Ticket Ticket for service access in the game tkt .bin (asset3d)
Shape Character shape data shp .bin (asset3d)
Skin Character skin data skn .bin (asset3d)
Wearable Character clothing rigged mesh wea .bin (asset3d)


Supported File Formats

3D Model Format Minimum Version File Extension Scale Factor
Wavefront Obj n/a .obj 1.0
Autodesk Filmbox 2012 .fbx 0.01
Autodesk Max 2013 .max 0.01
Autodesk Maya 8.0 .ma, .mb 1.00
Open Source Blender 2.6 .blender 1.00
Maxon Cinema 4D 8.4 .c4d 0.01
Foundry Modo 501 .lxo 1.00
NewTeck Lightwave 11 .lws 0.01
Cheetah 3D 2.6 .jas 0.01
Autocad Drawing Int Format n/a .dxf 1.00


Texture Format File Extension
Bit Mapped Format .bmp
High Dynamic Range (HDR) .exr
Graphics Interchange Format .gif
High Dynamic Range (HDR) .hdr
Electronic Arts File Experts Group .iff
Joint Photographic Experts Group .jpg
Apple Mac Metafile Format .pict
Portable Network Graphics .png
Adobe Photo Shop Format .psd
True Vision Targa .tga
Tagged Image File Format .tiff / .tif


Audio Format File Extension
Electronic Arts Interchange Format .aiff /.aif
Microsoft Wave .wav
MPEG Layer 3 .mp3
Ogg Vorbis .ogg
Ultimate Soundtracker Module .mod
Impulse Tracker Module .it
Scream Tracker Module .s3m
FastTracker 2 Module .xm