Virtuoso Terrain Overview

Virtuoso will be providing AAA state of the art terrain technology to its users.  Terrains will be available on the asset store including some default terrains provided in the users inventory on registration.  Although the final specification details have not be completed yet it is expected that the height map resolution will be 1024 with a texture map size of 1024. Different shader rendering technologies are being examined to see which accomplishes the least tiling artefacts, best visuals with the right optimization capability.  The terrain samples shown below were created using World Creator for Unity a AAA product featuring erosion, sedimenation, tree, grass, and rock placement.  All terrains were generated from a random seed giving infinite possibilities of terrain shape design.


Standard Unity Shader - Sample Island Terrains ( 1 Km Map, 1024 heightmap , 1024 texture,  7 textures )